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Social media use growing in law enforcement

Published on 12/2/14

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States Turn to Data to Hit Back at Fraudsters

Published on 11/20/14

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How Supercomputing Helps Cook County Combat Millions in Tax Fraud

Published on 11/19/14

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Study reveals continued use of social media for crime investigations

Published on 11/13/14

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Chips, PINs, and the future of payment technology

Published on 11/10/14

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Alabama trying ID quiz to catch tax fraud

Published on 11/8/14

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How a County in Illinois raked in $5mn and nabbed tax frauds?

Published on 10/30/14

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Government agencies seek to reduce consumer friction by ensuring collection of relevant personally identifiable information

Published on 10/21/14

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LexisNexis satisfies requirements for identity proofing at national institute of standards

Published on 10/20/14

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The benefits of being a real fraudster

Published on 10/9/14

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