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Haywood Talcove: Florida Dept recognized for program with LexisNexis ID tool

Published on 3/28/14

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Big data used to catch fraudulent tax returns

Published on 3/18/14

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State tax refunds subject to new ID check

Published on 3/13/14

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How States Are Cracking Down on Small Business Tax Cheats

Published on 3/11/14

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Interviews Highlight Diverse Priorities For State Revenue Departments in 2014

Published on 3/7/14

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New state program stops $1M in tax fraud

Published on 3/4/14

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Big Data and Law Enforcement: Was ‘Minority Report’ Right?

Published in March of 2014

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Facebook helps police connect dots in Wells Fargo fraud case

Published on 02/19/14

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A Victim Himself, Georgia’s Revenue Commissioner Tackles Tax Fraud

Published in February of 2014

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New LexisNexis service keeps tabs on social media

Published on 1/30/14

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